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The History of Bliss Farm

It all started when....

We are Frank and Kelly King, and we wanted to tell you about ourselves, our farm, and how it all started. We are self-proclaimed foodies with a deep passion and love for nature, farming, food and health in every aspect. You’ll notice us mention “total health and wellness,” a lot here. How we define total health and wellness is this: it’s a lifestyle - not a diet, not a workout regiment, but a way of life. We care about where our food comes from and how it was raised. We spend time working on our spirituality and spiritual health. We love to be active and in nature and keep our bodies moving for physical health. To sum up, total health and wellness is what we put in our bodies, minds and spirits, and impacts our quality of life.

I (Frank) grew up on a farm here in the mountains of Asheville. My father, a naturopathic doctor, owns a natural medicine manufacturing company here and maintains a bison farm. I joined the marines at 17 and after my enlistment ended I returned to the farm to grow the farm as a business, that is now known as Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats.  My upbringing influenced how I live today and my passions in life. Working at Carolina Bison, I invested everything I had into learning as much as I could about producing bison that is as healthy and as great tasting meat as it could be. What began as just learning how to best raise bison for a healthy meat and a happy animal, grew to encompass total health and wellness. I wanted to know all about sustainable agriculture that produces a healthy product and how it impacts not only our health, but how the food tastes. This led me down a very long road of exploring total health and wellness and making it a lifestyle.

While operating Carolina Bison, I met my lovely wife Kelly. Raised in Georgia, and a graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor's in Art, Kelly developed a love for Asheville years before relocating here. She left her corporate job in Atlanta and moved to Asheville in 2010 with a passion for yoga and living the quintessential yogi lifestyle of total health and wellness. While living in Asheville, Kelly focused on her yoga practice and earned her 230 hour Yoga Alliance RYT at Asheville Yoga Center. Like many here in Asheville, this also brought Kelly to spend her time learning about where our foods come from, holistic nutrition and holistic health. Soon after, she met me. We combined our passions for quality foods, farming and health, and collectively ran Carolina Bison.

After we married, we decided to follow more traditional career paths, which led us to the burbs of Charlotte. In our time there, we grew extremely tired of the daily grind that many of us face. The long commutes to work, and a lifestyle centered on our individual productivity contributing to whatever system we may be a part of, we grew more than tired. Eventually tired turned into spite and we realized we had lost track of our passions and what made us happy in life. Each year, we escaped to Costa Rica for our rejuvenation time. We always stayed in remote locations with Eco Lodge type accommodations. This is where the seed of Bliss Farm was planted. We had always maintained a love for agriculture, quality food and total health and wellness, and realized the life we’d been living was not conducive to our true passions. What started as dreaming of a different life, turned into many hours of research. We wanted to create an environment where we could be surrounded by nature, that stimulated and encouraged a lifestyle of health, wellness and complete bliss. We began writing down what exactly we wanted.  We wanted a place we could farm our own food, maintain spiritual practices and live a life that truly encompasses health for mind, body and spirit. A couple of years of planning and writing down ideas grew into shopping for the location. We searched from Costa Rica to right here in Asheville, NC. With such a strong love of the things these mountains bring, our search ended here, where Bliss Farm and Retreat now resides. We didn’t want a place where only we could live this way, we wanted a place where we could share it with anyone and everyone. We work each day to create an environment for our guests to explore their inner bliss, truly unwind from the stresses of life, focus on the self; an environment that helps promote and encourage a lifestyle of total health and wellness, that makes it easy to slip into our natural rhythm and love and enjoy life to its’ fullest.

So come join us for and amazing experience in nature, with great food, fun and relaxation!


Asheville Yoga Retreat

And will continue to grow as we....

As we work each day to improve and bring you more ways to find your bliss, keep an eye on our website. We're always expanding and we love to share our dreams. From our humble beginnings as a bed and breakfast to our growth as a vast retreat center.