Farm to Table Dinners

Farm to table dinners asheville retreat

Farm to Table Dinners at Bliss Farm

At Bliss Farm, we strongly believe that what we eat is a critical part of our health. Being that Bliss Farm focuses on total health and wellness, we put a lot of emphasis on not only what we eat, but how our food is produced, where it comes from and how the animals are treated. Our food is always organic or all natural, produced on our farm or is locally sourced. On top of that, we simply love food and sharing great food with friends. We aren't hunter gatherers anymore, and we believe that dining shouldn't be done simply for sustenance and health, but it should be an experience. This experience is complimented by ambiance and community. Where we experience our food and who with all culminate to bring us a blissful meal that leaves us elated. This belief has brought us to invite local chefs from the amazing Asheville food scene to come cook on our farm! Whether you're here for guest chef dinners, staying in our bed and breakfast or here for a retreat, you can indulge in delicious meals without a guilty conscience. Watch our calendar for special event dinners with local guest chefs or reserve a seat now!

Guest Chef Dinner Series are hosted in Spring/Summer and Fall Each year. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications when event details are released!

Pricing & Additional Information

Farm to Table Dinner: $45/person

If you are staying with us as a vacationer at our B&B, we offer 3-4 course meals, all local, and all natural. These dinners are served chef’s table style and are available Thursday-Sunday by reservation only. Farm-to-table dinners are served at 7:15pm.

How to Book

Farm to Table Dinners are available for booking at check out. Please be sure to let us know your preferred date and time when making your reservation. We will reach out to you once your reservation is confirmed to arrange your itinerary.

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