What is your cancellation policy for your B&B?

Cancellation Policy:

For B&B guests, a 100% refund of reservation if cancelled 14 days prior to check in date. Meals are non-refundable 48 hours from the time of scheduled reservation. Optional Extras are non-refundable 24 hours from the time of scheduled reservation.

Are there bugs and other wildlife?

Yes! We are a farm composed of over 50 acres in the country. Out here, we have bugs, snakes, bears, poison ivy, poison oak, and all the things that go hand in hand with mother nature. At Bliss we want people to be able to connect with nature and to connect with the earth. We do offer all-natural bug spray for our guests while outside roaming the grounds. As far as lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! You don't have to worry much about big cats and bears here. We do have them, but it is not likely you will cross paths.  Be safe and responsible and you will be just fine. 

Where is the closest restaurant?

We get this question a lot. Firstly, we offer the opportunity for our guests to book farm to table dinners during their stay at Bliss Farm. Simply let us know prior to your arrival if you would like to add this to your reservation, for which day and how many people, and be sure to alert us of any food allergies. Secondly, Weaverville is the closest town offering a nice selection of restaurants, just 15 minutes from the farm. Just ask and we'll be happy to share a list of our favorites!

Does the farmhouse have air conditioning?

No, it does not. And we prefer it this way! However in 2018, we added window units to Mrs. Kay’s Suite, The Buddha Suite, and The World Traveler. Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall we have windows open all over the house and the mountain air is divine. We really prefer to live in harmony with nature and luckily the area we live in makes that possible! Our climate does not require air conditioning and it is very common for homes in our area not to have air conditioning. If you are a hot-natured person and prefer to be at 72 degrees at all times, we would recommend not coming in July or August.   We are a nature retreat and our purpose is to provide a space where people can connect with nature and not to be cooped up inside. The warmest hours of the days in summer are 3-6, so during this time it is best to be outside in our beautiful mountain air. Get outside, enjoy nature!  The cabins do have air conditioning and heat.

Do I have to do yoga?

Of course not! While yoga is a big part of who we are, it is certainly not required.  If you have never tried yoga before, this would be the perfect time. Our instructors are very skilled and the small class sizes make for the perfect intro to yoga. 

Is Bliss right for me?

Do you take interest in knowing the food you consume is pure and wholesome? Do you care where your food comes from? Are you interested in health and wellness? Do you enjoy nature? Do you like the idea of being deep in the wilderness? Do you want to want to RELAX?  Do you want to rejuvenate your soul? Do you like to clear your mind?

Do you allow children?

No offense, but no kids please. That’s not to say that we dislike children.  On the contrary, we do like kids, just not as guests in our small, intimate B&B.  We are Bliss Farm & Retreat, a place for people to unwind, focus on inner peace, and overall self improvement. With only having five guest rooms, we feel as if children of any age could negatively affect the B&B experience others are trying to achieve, especially one that’s meant to be a romantic time away from their own children, or a time of self improvement.

Yes, our property serves as a vessel for retreat groups and vacationers. Retreats are booked 6 months to 1 year or more in advance. Retreat season runs April-October. We are open to vacationers April - November, when we are not hosting retreats. We open our calendar to the public for online bookings 6 months in advance.

I checked your website and don’t see much availability. Are you really booked?

Joining us with a retreat group? Click here.