Introducing Bliss Design and Interiors

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Guests have been asking us for years to offer interior design and construction services. It’s always a high compliment when visitors want to model their own homes after the aesthetic we’ve created at Bliss Farm and Retreat. Finally, we're making it official and we’re thrilled to be taking the leap with the much anticipated Bliss Interiors and Design!

With our backgrounds in commercial construction, expanding our offerings to include interior design feels like a natural progression of the Bliss brand. Frank has been in construction for many years, and used his natural abilities in carpentry and design to forge a career in the construction industry. Kelly grew up working in her parents’ commercial general construction office, using her natural ability to design spaces throughout her childhood, and in college, she bolstered her skills as a visual artist and designer by earning her bachelors in art. 

We love to use our interior design skills to tell stories and to communicate deeply personal insights without uttering a single word. Most of the interior design at Bliss Farm and Retreat is inspired by the beautiful cultures and landscapes that have deeply affected us throughout our travels to different parts of the world. At Bliss, the decor expresses our love and admiration of the many beautiful places where we’ve experienced that much desired state of bliss. And now...we get to share it with you! 

The Interior Design Services for Asheville Yogis, World Travelers & Free Spirits

So what exactly are our services and what does it look like to work with us on interior design projects?

Whether you are looking to spruce up a room or you’re ready for a complete overhaul, we can help you. Our services accommodate a wide range of budgets. Together, we can brainstorm creative ways to make use of what you already have and incorporate new pieces to shift the energy and aesthetic of any room or home. Our goal is to refresh your space in a way that feels authentic, tells your story, and helps you to access your bliss. Anyone can design a space that is ordered out of a catalog, but we can design a space that reflects your values and adventures. And...we can do it on a budget, to boot! It is all in the skill, not the budget.  

Our goal is to use furniture, art, and spatial design to make your home a grounding, peaceful haven and a joyful setting that allows you to be the most radiant version of yourself.

Project Highlight: The Bali Bliss Cabin Brings Indonesian Energy to Asheville

Many of our favorite projects are the spaces we’ve created at our retreat center. Guest cabins and bed and breakfast rooms are very intentional spaces and true labors of love, with every detail and big picture design thoughtfully curated. The Bali Bliss is one of those special places and perfectly reflects our interior design philosophy.

Unlike any other mountain cabin rental near Asheville, the Bali Bliss transports you. The decor of the Bali Bliss cabin highlights our love of Bali. The cabin is inspired by our travels to Indonesia this past year. Our Bali adventures were life affirming and inspirational, so we wanted to design this cabin in commemoration of those travels, and to provide our guests with a taste of this jungle oasis. The Bali Bliss cabin is carefully curated with ornate wood carvings, hindu deities, plush linen bedding, river stones, woven bamboo floors, and books related to yoga and hinduism. 

Are you ready to bring Bliss home? We'd love to hear from you!

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