Why We Farm Organically

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Why We Farm Organically

At Bliss Farm and Retreat, we focus on creating a lifestyle that supports the totality of human health, placing equal value on physical, mental and emotional well-being. Scientific evidence and spiritual teachings across many cultures share a common truth when it comes to living optimally and healthfully: we cannot attain desirable physical health without also tending to our emotional and mental needs.

Sharing immersive, health-affirming experiences with our guests that highlight the interconnectedness of physical, emotional and mental well-being is our speciality at Bliss Farm and Retreat. We created this space to offer balance and vitality to everyone who visits.

With this in mind, an essential component to the Bliss lifestyle is eating nourishing foods. As the great Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We know food is fundamental to healthfulness, mental clarity, and resiliency in the body. For this reason, we place great value on the integrity of the food offered here.

Local, Organic, Vibrant

When you stay with us, you will taste the flavors of our healing land. Bliss Farm and Retreat is a working organic farm, and we are blessed with an abundance of produce grown on pristine, fertile land here in Pisgah National Forest, surrounded by lush nature and ancient mountains.

The food we offer is grown using natural, organic practices, in harmony with nature. Our fertilizers, soil enhancements, and pest repellants all come from the earth. Not only are they non toxic, but they add value to the soil and growing conditions. Visit our gardens and marvel at the gorgeous butterflies, pollinators, and wildlife who serve an integral role in growing food naturally. We promise that you will taste and feel the nourishing qualities of our food in mind, body, and spirit.

Mindfulness and Stewardship in Action

We believe that organic farming is necessary not just to emotional, mental, and physical well-being, but also to living respectfully and in harmony with nature. In organic animal husbandry, and we take our responsibility as stewards of the land very seriously. On our farm, we have the luxury of learning through trial and error; throughout each season, we’ve witnessed the beneficial or sometimes harmful impacts of our actions right here in our own little ecosystem. We’ve fine-tuned our practices to support the land and local wildlife as much as possible. One of our farming policies is to ban the use pesticides and herbicides on our farm. If we chose to use them, residual chemicals would leak into our well, polluting our drinking water. Our chickens, who free range all day in our pasture, would endure compromised health from consuming a diet rich in harmful chemicals, and the quality of the eggs they produce would be fouled with these chemicals, too. Because of our commitment to human, animal, and environmental well-being, we avoid conventional growing and animal husbandry methods in the production of our food.

We believe the practice of farming is gratifying and enchanting. We find great joy in observing and taking part in the full circle of our food supply, and notice within ourselves the physical and emotional benefits of this practice. We want to share the most nourishing foods on earth with our guests, and to feel connected to each meal enjoyed here. This is why we believe in the organic farming methods we practice. Food prepared and consumed at Bliss Farm and Retreat is either grown here or sourced from other local farms practicing the same methods.

An added bonus of eating this way, aside from our ethics and commitment to health, is the intense flavor! Foods grown organically in our region make for an unrivaled culinary experience! As foodies, environmentalists, and holistic health advocates, we are committed to making Bliss Farm and Retreat a haven of intentional, nutrient-dense foods grown organically, with love!