Behind the Scenes of the New Cabin

The exterior of our latest cabin, Bali Bliss!

The exterior of our latest cabin, Bali Bliss!

We knew we wanted to add more cabins to our property from the moments we founded Bliss Farm & Retreat and began offering peaceful, nourishing experiences to our guests. In 2016, our dreams of creating a retreat center came true after meticulous planning, farming, studying, and building. Now in our 2nd successful year, we could not be more thrilled to expand the accommodations at Bliss Farm & Retreat with Bali Bliss, our newest guest cabin!

Our first cabin, The Osa, is named after the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, where we were inspired to create the oasis that is Bliss Farm & Retreat. We spent two weeks immersed in the jungle on the beach, eating farm to table food, being completely disconnected from the modern world, treating our souls to much needed rejuvenation and reflection, and forming our vision for our lives’ work with Bliss. When staying at The Osa, one can completely immerse themselves in nature, turn inward and focus on recentering oneself. The Osa is filled with tropical colors, natural materials, plush bedding, and an overall boho vibe.

Our newest cabin, Bali Bliss, is currently under construction, and will be opening in October. Bali Bliss is filled with ornate wood carvings, hindu deities, plush linen bedding, river stones, bamboo,  and love. The cabin is inspired by our travels to Bali, Indonesia this past year. Our Bali adventures were truly remarkable, so we’re thrilled to design this cabin in commemoration of our travels, and to provide our guests with a taste of this jungle oasis!

At our retreat center, we strive to provide delicious, nourishing meals, healthful spring water, beautiful decor, and comfortable, zen-like spaces for sleeping, meditating, and healing. Each detail of our retreat center endeavors to add to this experience. The interior spaces in each of our cabins at Bliss are created intentionally and with care, but the best part lies in the surroundings. Mother Nature abounds at Bliss Farm & Retreat.  Our property feels like a jungle. We’re surrounded by nature on our Barnardsville, NC property, located in a deciduous rainforest in the Big Ivy region of Western North Carolina. This region we live in is dense with waterfalls, beautiful mountain laurels, and air that will change your life.

Our cabins provide a connection to nature in addition to modern comforts and luxuries. They compliment our farm house bed & breakfast suites, which offer a fabulous way to slow down and nourish your body, whether you are here for a retreat or a weekend getaway. Retreat guests staying in the cabin or the farm house enjoy nourishing their bodies with whole healthful food, focusing on mindfulness, and simply reconnecting with themselves and with the pristine wilderness for a few days.

We are so proud to expand upon the Bliss Farm & Retreat experience with our latest cabin, Bali Bliss, and we look forward to hosting larger groups while we spread the Bliss! Whether you are looking for a weekend away or to host a life changing retreat, we would be thrilled to have you and we will make sure your experience is phenomenal.